Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black dress to a wedding?

Hey guys!
This is going to be a quick post as today has been a nightmare right from very start to finish so I just really need to lay down & possibly catch up on Grey's anatomy.

The main reason for this post is to kindly ask all of you lovely people to please take a quick look/ listen to my wonderful boyfriends new music video. He's been a singer songwriter for years & music is his number 1 passion & his life ambition is to get heard. So being the kind girlfriend that I am, I thought I'd do everything I possibly can to kind of, help him on his way or so to speak. I'd be very grateful if you could do that :) thank you.
Click HERE to view the video :)

Also, I need some fashion advice from all you fashionistas out there...
Is it okay to wear a little black dress to a wedding?
My boyfriends brother is getting married on August 21st & there seems to be a kind of theme. Although there isn't a set dress code, everyone seems to be going in black & white. However, my boyfriends mother and sister are both wearing white dresses with a lot of black detailing, whereas my dress is a satin pencil dress with white piping.

Yeah, so I was hoping for someone's true opinion. Is a black dress to morbid for a wedding?
Thanks in advance for any help :)

HN x