Monday, August 31, 2009

Green lipstick? Say whaaat?!

Well well well, looky here...

Green lip paint? Wrong. This little beauty is a specially designed waterproof formula with added aloe vera. It's long lasting (up to 8 hours) & the colour depends on the alkali levels in your lips. Clever eh?
I'm a huge fan of the Barry M lip paints. They're affordable at £4.25, highly pigmented & there's a massive range of colours! I'd advise anyyyy of you to invest in one!

I must have high alkali levels in my lips as it's a lot paler on my mum and sisters. I love the colour. It's so rich and vibrant.
Unlike some lip paints, this one isn't at all drying, unlike the classic 101, and doesn't need any lip balm underneath. It has a sheen rather than a matte finish.
Half of the fun was buying the product, not knowing what to expect. I did do a quick swatch on my hand, but it came out a very neutral skin colour. I bought it anyway & am sooo glad I did. There's also a Magic green glossy tube - which is next on my Barry M wish list.
So yeah, I'd recommend A touch of magic lip paint, eventhough it may be a completely different colour on somebody else... Go for it :) take the risk. But if this isn't your thing, Barry M has a huge range of different colours which as I said before are reasonable at £4.25 :)
You can shop Barry M online at or alternatively you can pop into your local Superdrug or Boots :)

HN x

Saturday, August 29, 2009


After watching endless makeup tutorials on youtube by the likes of lollipop26, AllThatGlitters21 and juicystar07, I've come to the conclusion that my makeup collection is awfully boring. Seeing as I am heading off to uni in 2 weeks I figured I didn't have much £££ to be spending on makeup :/ soooo off I headed to Boots & Superdrug on a budget.
My purchases included:
  • Collection2000 Hot looks nail varnish in:
27 - Wham
33 - Button moon
34 - Hoola Hoop (which is the prettiest pink colour)
23 - Show off

I must admit I was a bit dubious before purchasing, due to Collection2000 being a more cheap & cheerful brand, not known to have great quality. I'm pleased to say that I am in fact pleased with the products.

(I'm wearing 27 - Wham)

I actually applied this on Sunday, so 3 days ago & as you can see, it's lasted quite well. Although I did have to apply 3 times to achieve this colour. But as a whole, I'm pleased :)

  • Barry M Dazzle Dusts in:
39 (A goldy pinky dust with gold glitter - my fave colour out of my small collection)
25 (A dark gold dust which is lovely)
53 (A chocolate brown shimmer)
78 (A lovely turquoise)

I actually did a funky smokey eye with these earlier, was very nice. These cost around £4.40 from Superdrug and you do actually get quite a fair amount in the tubs. I'd prefer to apply wet, but unfortunately they themselves seem to prefer being applied dry :/

  • I actually bought a Ruby & Millie 7mm eyeliner brush to apply a thin line of Dazzle dust under my eyes too, and whilst I was at the R&M booth, I saw an eyeliner I felt I had to have in Brown.

(Oh hello Nivea caregloss)
  • I also bought Maybelline New York Pure liquid mineral foundation in Fawn 040, as my Sand 030 seems to have gone a little bit too light and in pictures I end up looking ill :/
  • Nivea caregloss & shine (as featured in the Ruby & Millie pic lol)
  • After watching one of AllThatGlitters21's videos about mascara, I felt the need to purchase L'oreal telescopic & I must agree, I love it. It makes my lashes look 10x longer than a lot of others I've used in the past. And by buying that in Boots, I received a £5 voucher for No7, so I paid an extra £2 on top of the voucher and had the Amazing Eyes pencil in black. The one with the blender on the other end. I love it.

Anything else? Hmmmm... YES! Eventhough these aren't make up products.
  • Earrings from Matalan - £4 with 75% off. A definite steal!

  • A cream quilted bag with black piping and a gold and black over the shoulder chain & matching shoes :)

Then bits & bobs for university, including kitchen utensils and Qtips.

So yeah, I think I've had a successful day of shopping. Eventhough I did manage to spent above my budget, but it's okay because I'm happy :)

Have a nice Saturday guys :) 

HN x

Hello there. Me, myself & I

Hi guys!
My name's Hayley and I'm nineteen years old. I love beauty and of course, fashion. I've recently been subscribing to loads of different youtube channels & blogs and I want in! lol :) I've had this blog itself since December 2007 I think... & as you can see, this is my first entry.

This is me.... HELLOOO :) lol.

My blog is going to mainly consist of hauls & reviews because as much as I hate to admit, I'm not the best at the whole makeup application thing. I will keep trying though :) lol. Oh yeah, and I don't purchase verrry expensive products as I'm a student & can't afford it :( - bad times, so hopefully many of you will be able to relate to this blog :) So yeah, please subscribe & add me on
Thanks guys, HN x