Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Define: procrastination

"Procrastination refers to the act of putting off actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite such behaviour as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision."

This defines my current situation perfectly. I have 3 assignments due in a week tomorrow, together totalling 5,000 words & at this very moment, I've written 0. & to be perfectly honest, don't plan on doing any for the next hour or so.

So, Christmas is right around the corner, how exciting?! But to be honest, I feel as though last Christmas was only a couple of months ago - it's crazy how quickly this year has passed.

I'm working in Zara now, which means my weekends are spent in the shop working, that and the fact I'm living away from home for uni makes it a nightmare to go shopping with my mum for my Christmas presents. Thankfully I managed to slip home for 2 nights this week, & we went into town after she'd finished work.
In my opinion this was a verrry successful trip as I also managed to upgrade my phone to the new iPhone 4 as well (although I'm yet to figure out how to work it properly - my 11 year old sister was the one to show my how to turn it on after about 30 mins of puzzling).
Unfortunately, as we didn't get into town until 4pm, & went to sort out my phone, we only had about an hour to do some shopping as the majority of shops closed at 6pm. Fortunately, we headed to Topshop! & I managed to pick up a few things I'd been eyeing up on the website.

I also bought a lovely satchel, however I can't find it on the website.
I think my mum's going to surprise me with the rest of my stuff. Honestly cannot wait :) eeeeek!

I cannot wait to go home for Christmas though, I finish on Dec 17th for a whole month - lovely! I can't wait to be at home with the Christmas decorations up, stuffing myself with chocolates from a variety of different tins, whether it be Roses, Quality Street or Miniature Heroes. I'm soooo excited!

I hope you're all having a lovely lead up to Christmas, & MERRY CHRISTMAS if I don't get the chance to say it before hand.

HN x

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