Friday, December 2, 2011

Holidays are comin'

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well. It's currently 01:58am & as you can tell, my body clock is non-existent. 

Oh my gosh, Christmas is coming up - 23 days. It's crazy. This year has literally flown by. Seems like just yesterday I was almost stranded up in uni just before Christmas due to the snow - nightmare! 
I've got high hopes for this festive season :) last year there was a loss in the family so it was quite a sad time but this year it's looking up. 

I've invested in a 'Happy Christmas' yankee candle (which I've not stopped burning yet) and am currently listening to Michael Bubles - Christmas album which is definitely making it hard to contain my excitement.
I've been Christmas shopping with my mum, which was lovely... Although I'm mega jealous of my boyfriend at the moment as he's up in London doing his Christmas shopping for a few days! *sob* 

I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with Greg. This is the third Christmas we'll have spent together (such a long time!) & I've just got a feeling it's going to be a good 'un. I've also got quite good shifts to work with at Zara so more family/ friend/ boyfriend time, woohooo! :) However, for some (unfair) reason we get a week less off for Christmas than we did last year. Hmph - sort it out uni! 

I'm praying it doesn't snow this year, however, it probably will. I just hate it. Like really, really hate it. It's just so inconvenient. The year before last I was almost stranded at Greg's house for Christmas because it snowed so heavily on Christmas Eve and then I couldn't get back up to uni after the holidays. Then last year as I mentioned before, I was stranded up in my uni house 'cause there was no way I'd be able to drive in such conditions. Literally, nightmare. Fingers crossed the fluffy white stuff won't make an appearance this year *FINGERS, TOES & EVERY OTHER BODY PART CROSSED* It makes it so difficult to see Greg as we live an hour apart & there's a big huge ginormous mountain between us, which closes at the first sign of a snow flake. NOT GOOD.

Anyway, enough of my moaning about snow - SCROOGE. Hope you all enjoy the run up to Christmas guys!!! I'm sure I will! :)

HN x


  1. I hope it never snows ever again! I hate it, unless it's over night and melts by morning, it just ruins everything! I'm so envious your boyfriend is in london, I love shopping in london, although I imagine it would be even more manic than usual at this time of year! If you're still struggling to sleep, pop some lavender oil on your pillow - it really does help! :)

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