Monday, February 28, 2011

100 things | part 1

I've just realised that the majority of this post is to do with food, excuse my greediness. But it's true, these thing's are definitely on my list of favourite things.

#10 - croissants. since our trip to london, i've loved these & have found myself craving them regularly.

#11 - margarita pizza. honestly the most boring pizza orderer ever. my boyfriend always shouts at me for not being adventurous enough.

#13 - neon trees - animal.

#14 - doughnuts. it's not only krispy kremes anymore, i love them all.

#15 - greg, my boyfriend.

#16 - my bed.

#17 - my iphone.

#18 - pandas. i've always loved them. my first teddy was a little panda, and i've loved them ever since.

#19 - the prospect of going on holiday this summer.

#20 - cwtches.

all pictures sourced from here.

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  1. Awww those pandas are so cute! I use to call them bears in disguise hehe! x


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