Friday, March 18, 2011

Red red red

In line with the redness of Comic Relief, I've decided to do a review on a product I've recently bought.
Just over a month ago, I decided to dye my hair red. Well, to begin with it was proper ginger, but it faded loads and I couldn't find a toner the right colour in order to maintain the colour :( So, I went a little bit darker - a little bit more red. However, I still found that the colour faded a lot, and the water in the shower was always orangy/ red. I searched the internet for something that could help, and I finally came across 'CHI Organics tone & shine'. I could not find a review of this product for the life of me (although since I have come across one, but not for the colour I use), but I decided to bite the bullet and pay the £17.99 for the 350ml bottle, in hope that it would prove to be good.

On the bottle is says to shampoo your hair with CHI shampoo (although I just use my John Freida radiant red shampoo) and then towel dry. Then apply tone & shine evenly through your hair. Leave in for 1-5 mins and then rinse. Or to achieve longer lasting results leave in for around 20-30 mins and then rinse.

I did the above, I left it on for about 30 minutes first time and I actually couldn't believe the colour difference, it was insane! It left my hair looking a lot more vibrant and shiny.
To show you just how well this works, I've taken pictures. Today I went swimming, and after getting out of the pool and washing my hair, it had faded quite a bit. It was a lot more orange/ pink than it had been.
So I came straight home, took a picture of my dull faded hair:

Washed it, and applied the tone & shine, left it on for about 5 minutes, and this was the result:

As you can see, my hair is a lot more red, vibrant and shiny. & this was after only 5 minutes, imagine the results after the whole 30 minutes!!
I use the colour 'red auburn' although I can't see the auburn at all, pure red if you ask me.
(quick swatch of the product for you to see the colour of it)

The only downfall of this product is the smell. It's very very strong (although as you can probably tell from the name there's no artificial perfumes or anything) and I really don't like it. However, the quality of the product makes up for it :)

I urge any of you 'fake' redheads who have trouble keeping the colour to try this out! I promise it works!! I bought mine from e-bay so go have a look!! :)

HN x


  1. wow this actually looks amazing! thank you so much for alerting me to this product, I really feel the need to try this out. Your hair looks incredible, and just after 5 minutes! I am off to investigate now x

  2. Wow, seems like an amazing product! Your hair looks so lovely and shiny x

  3. This stuff is hard to find! :( I've looked everywhere on the internet, the lowest price I found was $20 for a small bottle


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