Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My attempt at hair modelling

Hiya guys!
Sorry I've not posted, I've had exams & loads of stuff has been going on, so I do apologise!

A couple of weeks back, I was approached in work (Zara) by a guy asking if I'd be interested in doing hair modelling. This would include having my hair done for free, so being a student, I jumped at the opportunity!
So on Monday, off I trotted to the hairdressers situated in Cardiff.
I was there for a whole 7 hours... & there was a proper photographer and everything, so scary considering I'm not the biggest fan of having my photograph taken.

Anyway, this was the result -

Apologies for the awful quality but the photographer is going to send me the real images on a disk so I'll upload them then! I had about 200 pictures taken! So much fun, although I'm not too sure how a model does that day in day out..

I had my hair coloured 3 different colours - Copper, red copper and copper plum. It's really bright considering my hair was a dull auburn colour before. Every time I walk past a mirror I'm like "AH!" haha. He also trimmed my hair 'cause it was quite dry... & then the BIG OTT hair obviously haha. Had such a fun day!

Oh, and I have a post on Crest whitening strips coming up really soon! :)

HN x

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  1. wow these photos are fab!!
    If you are form south wales you should check out my post on all the blogger events coming up in Cardiff-
    Hope to see you at some of them!


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