Friday, September 4, 2009

Blonde > Brunette

Okay, I've officially converted from a bonde to a brunette. I've been wanting to do it for aaages, just for the pure fact that dark roots look awful with bleached hair & it's a pain (plus a lot of money) to keep up with.
So, yesterday I was in boots & decided to buy a dye. The plan at first was to buy blonde, but then I thought 'what the heck?!' so I took the plunge and bought some garnier dye in intense dark blonde.
And this was the transformation:-

From this:

To this:

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised! I had no idea what it was going to look like 'cause I've always been a blondie, but I actually kind of like it :)

What do you think?! Honest opinions pleaseee..

HN x


  1. I like it. Really like it. It's a lovely colour and it suits you - you look fab! x

  2. Hiyaa! Your going to do Psychology, i added you on facebook :) Cant believe there's actually someone else on here! Haha x

  3. Thanks Claire :)

    Heeey, yeah I am indeed :) Excited! haha xo

  4. Ooh I love it! I too used to be bleach blonde, but now I'm a dark blonde. It really makes your cut stand out too!

  5. I think you have convinced me to go slightly darker too, thank you! xx


lots of love