Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just dropping by to say..

Okay, so before I start I'd like to give a huge thank you to Victoria for including me in her latest 'Share the love' post! My number of followers has gone up loads (13 to 46!!!) So thank you! :)

The reason I've not posted for over a week is that I've moved away from home & am now living in university halls in Cardiff! I was soooo nervous about who I was going to be living with etc, but they're seriously all great! There's eight of us living in this particular flat (6 girls, 2 boys). One of the boys is a musician - he plays the guitar & sings - OMG he's genuinely amazing, I could listen to him play all day, everyday :) & the other guy is french, so we've all been helping him to expand his english vocabulary! Funny times :) The girls are all soo lovely too (one of them is a fab cook thank god! I will not starve whilst living with her! Happy days!)... Unfortunately since moving in last Sunday, I've only experienced two nights out! :( On Wednesday I was at a bar, a fight broke out next to us, I tried to escape but my bag got caught on the chair and a huge table (big enough to fit 15 people around) toppled and landed on my foot. I spent 6 hrs in hospital that night :( Anyway, I'm now on crutches which has completely ruined my freshers week! My foot is masssssive & black! (I would post a picture but it would probably make you all sick!) So yeah, I've had a rather eventful week - which kind of explains my lack of posting!

Despite my injuries, I have managed to drag myself (& crutches) into the city centre to pay the shops a little visit :) I bought black leggings (I forgot to bring mine with me), a plain grey tshirt, a navy/grey vest and a be-a-u-tiful scarf! (all from H&M - which I'm very excited to be living close to!) The others aren't exciting enough to post pics of but my scarf is verrrry worthy!

I've also placed an order on ELF, sooo I'll be sharing that with you all soon :) I'd best be off to socialise with my roomies! :)

Hope you've had a nice weekend guys!

HN x


  1. Sorry to heat about the crutches :( Loving the scarf! xx

  2. Love that scarf will have to pop into H and M soon!!they always do gorgeous ones at great prices!x

  3. Omg, thats awful about your foot, especially that it happened during freshers as well, try not to let it spoil your fun too much chick! I love your scarf, really gorgeous colours xx

  4. That's so horrible about your foot, I hope it heals soon chick x

  5. Hi, I love your blogs so much.
    Can you please check out mine, I just started making them.
    Thank you

  6. I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.


lots of love