Tuesday, September 1, 2009


EEEEEEEEEEK. Up until today I was a LUSH virgin. I'd always walked past the shop holding my nose as I'd always found the smell very over whelming. Until today. After reading so many reviews on a hundred different products from there I decided to take the plunge (and I didn't even hold my nose... Hooray!) Anyway, once I was inside, I loved the smell haha. I bought:-

As you can see it's called the Sweetie soap stack which costs approx £7.78. It includes, from the top, 'I should Coco', 'Rockstar' and 'Honey I washed the kids'. I'd like to stress that these smell delicious. It takes all of my strength to not to take a bite out of each haha. GO BUY THESE! You have to! I've only used one as of yet - 'Rockstar', and yummmmy, I smell lovely, even if I do say so myself.

As I'm moving away to uni in two weeks, my cousin was absolutely lovely and bought me a going away present:-
Joy of Jelly shower jelly (The cost varies depending on the size - mine was £2.98)

These are just so much fun. I stood there in the shop for ages prodding the other jellies (Whoosh and Sweetie pie). They wobble like crazy. Now I was rather confused as to how to use these, but you literally just lather it up and rub it all over your body & hair & then you rinse. Easy peasy. It smells amazing - very fresh.

I'll do more thorough reviews after I've actually used the products properly - Just thought I'd do a little LUSH haul as I was sooo excited about losing my LUSH virginity hehe.

HN x

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