Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey there, University

Before I begin, the results from the Sudocrem challenge are in &..... We're onto a winner! My spot has more or less gone! I'm sooo happy! Just in time too. I will definitely be taking the little miracle pot with me to Cardiff!!!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I'm moving away from home tomorrow for university!! I am so bloody excited! I'm moving to Wales' capital - Cardiff to study psychology. I absolutely loved it at A level so I'm really excited to start! :)
The thought of moving away is not only scary as anything, but sooo exciting. Everything about Cardiff is different especially the fashion (which is more out there!) & I'm so excited that in 24 hours I'm gunna be living away from my mum! 
I'm really excited to get my room looking like my own. I've got very brightly coloured accessories to give my room some va-va-voom! (I've probably used that word so out of context but it just seemed appropriate at the time). As most of you know, university halls of residence aren't the most exciting looking of places! I think I'm gunna have to post a pic as soon as my room's looking lovely! (well as lovely as it can look anyway! lol).... EXCITINGGGG!

My auntie was kind enough to give me a going away present, but as my room has all been packed away into boxes, my camera lead is nowhere to be seen so I'll have to post pictures soon! She bought me a few goodies from LUSH, including the 'Sex in the shower', 'Up you gets' and 'Too drunk' emotibombs! :) They smell delicious! Can't wait to try them... May have to buy quite a few more of the 'Too drunk' ones during freshers fortnight :) lol! I also had a student cook book, as I am completely clueless in the kitchen right now!! Boiled egg & toast is my speciality! So, experimenting with different foods should be quite fun, yet dangerous! Fingers crossed all will go well!

I'll probably do a post on how I'm settling in & stuff within the next few days.
Have a nice Sunday guys!

HN x


  1. Good luck with your move to Uni! My friend was at Cardiff so I visited her a few times- I loved it. Such a fantastic city.

    Quite jealous of you starting Uni- you'll have the best time!xx

  2. I have included you in my latest Share the Love post :) Hope you don't mind.


  3. sudocream always works for me to!! its kind on ur skin too so doesnt aggravate it more, geat outfit below love the striped t-shirt dress :) xx

  4. @Victoria - awwww thank you :) so sweet of you!! xoxo

    @Vicki - It completely made my spot go! I was sooo happy lol :)

  5. Hi Hayley, just came across your blog.. you have a new follower :) feel free to say hi or send me a comment on my new blog xoxo

  6. Ooh I live in Port Talbot, so not far from you. Small world :) Love your blog by the way xx


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